Entire Site Overhauled

Wow, been a while since I had anything to do with the M*A*S*H comics, has it? Well truth be told, of all the work I've done in the past, this is one work I'm least proud of... because when I really think about, I don't believe the comics did any justice to the show; certainly relied way too heavily on gags and routines that had already been done on the show, so there's really not much originality to it.

But at any rate, the site's been cleaned up a bit, and the comics themselves have been restored, and are in a higher quality now; the only thing is apparently Smack Jeeves removed part one of the "Friends to the End" storyline (probably because it was a little too graphic), so it's been replaced with a repeat of "The Bear Necessity".

Enjoy... if you possibly can...


Jeeter (Guest),

Yeah,it's me Nice work on the comics. I wish I could draw at least half as good as you do. Then I'd probably make come M*A*S*H comics of my own.

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